The SMARTSKINS dataset has been developed for research and benchmarking purposes, in order to facilitate comparative studies of dermatological images. The dataset was acquired at the Skin Clinic of Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto (IPO Porto) after the approval of the IPO Ethics Committee.

Images were acquired during 6 sessions from 36 subjects, 16 males and 20 females, with ages from 6 to 76 years (mean age of 46 years). The subjects were previously informed and instructed about the study to be performed and informed consents were obtained.

The dataset contains images, acquired with a smartphone without and with an adaptable dermoscope, of 106 melanocytic lesions. Two smartphones were used to acquire the images: one HTC One and Samsung S4, and DermLite DL3 dermoscope was used coupled in the Samsung S4.

The dataset includes medical annotation of all smartphone acquired images without using a dermoscope, namely the assessment of Asymmetry, Border and Color criteria score according to the ABCD rule, as well as the Overall Risk of the skin lesion.

The dataset can be used for research and educational purposes, and it can be downloaded after filling the registration form below.

All publications that make use of this dataset must cite the following paper:

Principal Axes-Based Asymmetry Assessment Methodology for Skin Lesion Image Analysis; Maria João M. Vasconcelos, Luís Rosado, Márcia Ferreira; Advances in Visual Computing, Springer International Publishing, 2014, pp. 21-31

IMPORTANT Redistribution and commercial use is not allowed.

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